Android 13 Extended UI 14.0.3 for Poco M2 Pro, Huge Customization and Performance, Leica Camera, iOS Launcher

ExtendedUI Changelog:

Base EEA Global

  • Safetynet pass without magisk
  • Add New Feature Interface
  • Add 90 ScreenRecording
  • Include Leica Camera Port by Ardjlon
  • Add Revanced Musik and YouTube
  • Unlimited Google Photo
  • Add Theme Signal, Volume, Settings Mode, Navbar, Wi-Fi, VoLTE
  • Control Center Plugin by MiuiVN
  • Remove Animation MiuiHome
  • Add Extended Power Menu
  • New Bootanimation ExtendedUI
  • Miui Dialer Version
  • SELinux Enforcing
  • Kernel 4.14.190-perf
  • Disable force encryption

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ExtendedUI 14.0.3 | Android 13 POCO M2 Pro Only



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