Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable for poco F4 (Munch) – most Stable Rom and Perfect rom

In this article, we’ll talk about the Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable version of the most recent software update for the Poco F4 (Munch) smartphone. In order to improve the overall user experience on the device, this update includes a number of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Let’s delve more into this fascinating update’s specifics.

Improved User Interface:

A revised and user-friendly user interface that provides a fluid navigation experience is introduced in Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable. With updated icons, more fluid animations, and improved aesthetic elements, the update gives the device a new look and feel. Accessing different functions and navigating the system become easier and more entertaining.

Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable for poco F4 (Munch) - most Stable Rom and Perfect rom
Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable for poco F4 (Munch) – most Stable Rom and Perfect rom

System Performance Enhancements:

With Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable, Poco F4 users can expect improved system performance and overall device responsiveness. The update optimizes system resources, resulting in smoother multitasking, faster app launches, and improved overall system stability. Users will notice a noticeable boost in performance, making their daily smartphone usage even more efficient.

New Features and Functionalities:

Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable introduces exciting new features to enrich the Poco F4 user experience. Some notable additions include:

  • Enhanced Dark Mode: The update enhances the Dark Mode feature, allowing users to enjoy a visually pleasing and battery-saving experience in low-light conditions.
  • Revamped Camera Interface: The camera app receives an interface overhaul, bringing a more user-friendly and streamlined experience while capturing stunning photos and videos.
  • Advanced Privacy Settings: Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable introduces improved privacy settings, giving users more control over app permissions and data access. Users can now easily manage and customize privacy settings according to their preferences.
  • Optimized Battery Performance: The update includes battery optimizations, extending the device’s battery life and providing a more reliable and long-lasting usage experience.

Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements:

Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable addresses various bugs and performance issues present in previous versions. The update’s primary goals are to increase system stability, eliminate bugs in the programme, and guarantee a seamless user experience. After installing this update, users can expect a more dependable and hassle-free functioning.


ExtendedUI-14.0.3-Experience New Interface (Hotfix)
Changelog :

  • Base EEA Global
  • Safetynet pass without magisk
  • Add New Feature Interface
  • Add Screenshoot Frame
  • Add 90fps ScreenRecording
  • Include Leica Camera
  • Add Revanced Musik and YouTube
  • Unlimited Google Photo
  • Add Theme Signal, Volume, Settings Mode, Navbar, Wi-Fi, VoLTE
  • Control Center Plugin By MiuiVN
  • Remove Animation MiuiHome
  • Add Extended Power Menu
  • Support Device Sweetin
  • Fix Tint issue for Sweetin
  • New Bootanimation ExtendedUI
  • Perf Kernel
  • Miui Dialer Version

Step flash :

  • Use Recovery
  • Wipe Or Format data
  • Flash Rom
  • Reboot
  • Spesial Thanks to :
  • Pak Ari Den @BensolBiru (Feature Maker)
  • Interface Credit By :
  • Anu Bareng
  • Innu Ghivari Dev
  • My Teach Mod :
  • @mobxprjkt (Hint Maker and Miui foundation fix)
  • @Dens_play89 (Dev Reborn)
  • @kakashi1v1 (Help Fix Disable Signature)
  • Credit Other by :
  • Everyone help me improve and give suggestions
    Anu Bareng, MIUI Gerimis, Miui Wolf OS Legacy, MIUI Reborn
  • MIUI Mind, MIUI SR, Miui Mint, MIUI Arvanasoft
  • Icons and Signals (Derpfest)

Credit  – @Zeeinn


A variety of new exciting features, system improvements, and bug fixes are included in the Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable update for the Poco F4 (Munch) to enhance the overall user experience. Users of the Poco F4 can enjoy a more seamless and pleasurable smartphone experience thanks to the better performance, new functions, and increased stability. To enjoy all the advantages of Extended UI 14.0.3 Stable, be sure to update your device. Watch this space for additional Poco updates and feature releases.

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