MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers: Install on any Android device (Latest Updated 2023)

MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers: Since the MIUI 12 release, the MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers feature has gained popularity, providing users with a distinctive and eye-catching experience on their Android devices. Users are treated to amazing pictures that come to life while unlocking their phones thanks to these dynamic wallpapers, which lend a touch of dynamism to the lock screen and the home screen. With the exception of platforms that only support 64-bit programmes, such as the Pixel 7 series, these wallpapers may now be viewed on a variety of Android smartphones running Android 8 and above thanks to the developer Linuxt.


The MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers are static wallpapers that go above and beyond by providing two unique moving images that flow between the lock screen and the home screen. These wallpapers simulate a three-dimensional illusion while offering breathtaking vistas of celestial planets including the Moon, Mars, and Earth.

Available in the original MIUI are all functionalities.
modified to operate with AOSP-based ROMs.
Using the built-in software, you may choose from a variety of Earth and Mars background locales.

The wallpaper changes to a zoomed-in image of the selected celestial body when the smartphone is unlocked, showing minute details and mesmerizing sceneries. The animations are fluent and slick, which improves the user experience overall and adds a sense of realism and depth.


Five distinct wallpapers are offered. In the wallpapers for Mars and Earth, you can select several places. There are both dark and light wallpapers in the geometry category.


MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers: Install on any Android device (Latest Updated 2023)
MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers: Install on any Android device (Latest Updated 2023)

On some Xiaomi devices, you can’t use the same wallpaper for the home screen and lock screen. Apply a new live wallpaper from the system’s selection on the home and lock screens before installing Super Wallpapers to avoid this issue.

Open the configuration app (this app will be installed automatically when you install wallpapers; you can find them in the app drawer) and choose the desired region to swap between the many Earth and Mars regions wallpapers.

The idea of wallpapers on Android devices has been given new life with MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers, which give users enthralling and animated backdrops that improve the visual experience. The amazing animations were previously limited to Xiaomi devices, but thanks to the work of Linux, users of Android 8 and higher may now enjoy these wallpapers on their own handsets.

While the capability for 64-bit programmes on some devices, like the Pixel 7 series, places restrictions on their usability, the bulk of Android users may now customize their smartphones with these vibrant and immersive wallpapers. The MIUI 14 Super Wallpapers push the limits of what is possible in terms of customization and user engagement on Android smartphones with their fluid animations and realistic visual effects.

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