MIUI 15 System app update for MIUI 13 & 14 with Interesting Change | Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco System app update

Hello guys, hope you are doing well, so in this post, I will discuss interesting changes in MIUI 15 system app update for MIUI 13 and 14 and Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco system app update. The system apps are routinely updated by MIUI, especially when a new MIUI version is available. We have a few easy options for updating MIUI system apps, and in this article, we’ll walk you through them.

These are the major Top 5 App Updates that I will be talking about today. BTW, You can download all these App Updates From Our Telegram Channel Link Given Below. MIUI 14 was just released in China two days ago, and since then, many devices have received stable or BETA updates that include many new System Apps Update of MIUI 14.

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Google is now preparing to deliver Android 14, the next major Android operating system. The business has made available a few beta testing versions, most recently Beta 2.1. Since Android serves as the foundation for several phone manufacturers’ operating systems, the majority of them are also getting ready to release their own Android 14 versions on their own handsets. Having said that, Xiaomi is getting ready to release MIUI 15, which is based on Android 14, on all of its supported devices.

How to update MIUI system apps: MIUI 15 System app update

MIUI 15 System app update for MIUI 13 & 14 with Interesting Change | Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco System app update
MIUI 15 System app update for MIUI 13 & 14 with Interesting Change | Xiaomi, Redmi, Poco System app update

Maintaining your mobile operating system with the most recent app updates that are frequently pushed is always a smart idea. One of the most widely used Android operating systems, MIUI benefits from frequent updates that enhance its usability and overall efficiency. On your MIUI devices, updating apps is a simple and uncomplicated procedure that can be done in a number of various and simple ways.

Some new Changes and Features:

  • Security
  • App Vault
  • Themes [Major Update]
  • System Launcher
  • Updater 

Update MIUI apps via Settings : MIUI 15 System app update

By having a system apps updater option in the settings, MIUI makes it incredibly simple for users to update system apps. You can keep track of any new updates with the help of this function, which also makes installation simple.

  • Open your Settings app from your home screen
  • Tap on the System apps updater submenu
  • Wait for it to load
  • Update! After it loads you should get a few apps that are waiting to be updated.

Update MIUI apps via MIUI Downloader

The Xiaomiui team created the MIUI Downloader app for Android, which lets you do a variety of things like keep track of the most recent system updates, download the most recent or older stock firmware via fastboot or recovery, gain access to system-wide hidden features, update system apps, and much more. Using this app, you may download the most recent versions of the MIUI system apps.


Mi Ai Translate

File Manager

Update MIUI apps manually : MIUI 15 System app update

As usual, you can upgrade your MIUI system apps by accessing APK files through numerous websites or methods online. It is not the most practical technique because the leftover APK files create a mess in your internal storage, which you must regularly clean to make room. However, you can check out the MIUI System Updates Telegram channel, where every new update is pushed, if you want to update your MIUI system apps in this manner.

Note: Please remember that because your ROM does not support some apps, they might not install on your device or might cause instability. You might try deactivating signature verification, however, doing so necessitates rooting your smartphone.

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