Oxygen OS Special Edition for Mi 11x, Poco F3 and Redmi K40, Cyberpunk and McLaren Mod & Extra Features (A11)

Oxygen OS From OnePlus Nord


  • Decrypted
  • Selinux Permissive
  • Safetynet is passed by default

Known Bugs

  • Face Unlock

ROM Features and MODs

  • Custom OnePlus boot logo
  • OnePlus phone, message, contacts
  • OOFGANG Mods
  • Disable album art
  • Enable OnePlus special themes (Cyberpunk and McLaren)
  • 120Hz Force/Dynamic Switch in refresh rate settings
  • Battery usage reset and temperature in battery settings
  • Healer’s Mods
  • New and attractive QS clock design
  • Cyberpunk sound effect toggle
  • MiSound effect (Including Dolby QS tile) 
  • Unlock 90fps in game toggle (spoofing device to OP8T)
  • Lock screen follow theme font style
  • OPWidget font follow theme font style
  • Added jOnePlus Tools for call recording
  • Enabled OnePlus Silent, Vibrate toggles
  • ANXCamera (48MP is working. You might face app force close after taking a picture with 9:16 ratio, Full and Macro, but the photo is saved in the gallery. Don’t report bugs about ANXCamera.)
  • Custom wallpapers in OpWallpaper
  • Clear speaker function in sound settings
  • Per-app thermal profiles in battery settings
  • Pocket mod in system settings (Note: Pocket mod is only working on the lock screen and  if new notifications arrive on the lock screen, it won’t turn off.)
  • Healer’s Customization Mods
  • McLaren theme toggle
  • 10 custom fonts
  • Cyberpunk/McLaren Boot Animation toggle
  • Enable/disable window level blurs without reboot
  • Change default accent color (Native accent theming)
  • UI roundiness
  • QS tile layout
  • QS status bar color
  • QS panel & notification color
  • Volume panel color
  • Notch styles (2 Waterdrop styles and notch killer)


2023.08.01 #Reviving the OOS11


  • Categorize customization options
  • Auto Identified device models + safetynet passed
  • Implement dark mode color for pocket mode and xiaomi parts
  • Change gentle and medium dark color value
  • Adjust status bar paddings
  • Adjust keyguard pattern, pin, password unlock layout
  • Updated OnePlus gallery, games, file manager and APlayer to the latest version
  • Removed McLaren qs footer bg
  • Nuked bluetooth charging stations
  • Fixed refresh rate qs tile force stopped
  • Fixed refresh rate issues
  • 60hz on AOD
  • Restore stock audio configs
  • Stock thermals
  • Updated latest graphic blobs from V14.0.7.0.TKHMIXM
  • Add support for 5G at firmware level


  • Don’t use heavy usage as soon as you flash the ROM because it needs time to settle.
  • Use InfiniR and Baalam kernels if you want to try third-party kernels.
  • For GCam, dowload here and import this config.
  • If you want loud sound from the speaker, turn off Dolby.


  1. How to change the default accent color?

Apply your favorite accent color from Settings>Customization>Default Accent Color first, then go back to Accent Color and Apply the accent from the upper left corner.

  1. USB file transfer is not pop up when connected to a PC, what should I do?

Solution 1: Turn off the screen (display), and connect your phone to the PC. It will show.

Solution 2: go to the developer option and choose File Transfer from Default USB configuration settings

  1. I face glitches when I swipe down the QSpanel while watching videos from Netflix or Amazon, what should I do?

Go to Developer Options, turn off “Enable blurs” and reboot.

Here is Review and installation Guide – 01.08.2023

Download like Info

  • Go to recovery
  • FIRST, Flash regional firmware


Europe: fw_alioth_miui_ALIOTHEEAGlobal_V12.5.8.0.RKHEUXM_5e087090df_11.0.zip

China: fw_alioth_miui_ALIOTH_V12.5.19.0.RKHCNXM_bdf07af7bf_11.0.zip

India: fw_alioth_miui_ALIOTHINGlobal_V12.5.7.0.RKHINXM_8bb2e0c21e_11.0.zip

ROM: Oxygen OS Special Edition

5G Firmware: fw_V12.5.19.0.RKHCNXM_5G_OOS11.zip

ROM Credit – @healer99

📅 01.08.2023

OxygenOS O₂ | 20230801 | Special Edition

📅 16.08.2023

OxygenOS | O₂ | 20230817 | Special Edition

review here – 16.08.2023

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