Poco f4 MYUI 6.0 U1TR34-8-19-2 ported from moto 40X | A14

Poco f4 MYUI 6.0 U1TR34-8-19-2 ported from moto 40X | A14: The Poco F4 packs some serious flagship-level power into an affordable package with its Snapdragon 870 chipset and 6.67″ 120Hz AMOLED display. But MIUI’s heavy interface dampens the smooth performance this phone is capable of. What if you could infuse the Poco F4 with the signature slick and nimble user interface found on Motorola devices? Read on to learn how I managed to achieve this by porting the Moto MYUI 6.0 firmware onto Xiaomi’s powerhouse.

Understanding MYUI 6.0

Motorola phones stand out from other Android devices thanks to their highly responsive, close-to-stock Android software dubbed MYUI. Now in its 6th generation, MYUI has evolved to enable unique Moto Experiences features while retaining a lean and efficient codebase for lightning-quick performance.

The latest MYUI 6.0 comes straight from the new Moto 40X series, bringing a beautifully clean look with dynamic theming, an animated Always On Display, fluid Moto Gestures, Dolby Atmos audio, ThinkShield security, and more. I knew porting this firmware could unlock a whole new level of speed and style for the Poco F4.

Building from Source

Since MYUI is not designed for the F4, running it required building the OS completely from the source code. Fortunately, the helpful community at XDA Developers provided dumps of the 40X firmware which gave me the key ingredients.

Using these proprietary vendor images, kernels, and binaries – I could kickstart the cooking process. Blending in device trees and compatibility patches got me to the first serving. While initially undercooked, a few hours of tweaking configs finally delivered a finished MYUI ROM flashing ready.

Poco f4 MYUI 6.0 U1TR34-8-19-2 ported from moto 40X | A14
Poco f4 MYUI 6.0 U1TR34-8-19-2 ported from moto 40X | A14

Key Ingredients

Achieving full functionality and stability required fixing lots of hardware-software mismatches between the Moto and Poco phones:

  • Display calibration – adjusted gamma tables for rich image rendering
  • Touch sensitivity – increased digitizer sampling rate for tap accuracy
  • Bluetooth – swapped out the firmware for full peripheral support
  • Camera2API – enabled RAW image capture at 64MP
  • Sensors – corrected mounting matrices for proper device orientation
  • Battery-injected algorithm enhancements for all-day endurance

These were just some of the many customizations needed to make MYUI feel like home on the F4.

Serving Up Magic

Finally, after days of rigorous building, testing, and tweaking – I had a public release-ready build of MYUI 6.0 U1TR34 boiled up for the Poco F4! Flashing this ROM delivers a staggeringly responsive UI thanks to Moto’s efficient code. The dynamic theming also keeps things fresh with colors and AOD animations adapting to your wallpaper.

Of course, signature Moto Experiences like twisting for quick capture and chopping for flashlight make for delightful productivity boosts. Under the hood, battery life improvements and thermal management keep the F4 running cooler and longer. And with the camera unlocked to its full 64MP potential, everything about the device feels quicker, snappier, and more Magic.

Poco f4 MYUI 6.0 U1TR34-8-19-2 ported from moto 40X

By : @Dandaaaa

Factory Reset Your Experience

If you own a Poco F4, I cannot recommend flashing this ported MYUI firmware enough for a profoundly faster and more polished user experience. Ditch the MIUI bloat holding your phone back and enjoy PC-like responsiveness on gorgeous near-stock Android. Give your phone a factory reset with some Moto Magic!

Let me know in the comments what other devices you’d like to see augmented with the MYUI makeover treatment. And stay tuned here as I keep this Poco F4 ROM updated alongside official Motorola releases. Who knows which phone could receive some Moto Magic next.


Getting to a stable MYUI 6.0 port for the Poco F4 took extensive — and rewarding — tinkering. But the effort was well worth it to transform the device into a Moto-fast powerhouse that looks and feels like an entirely new phone. The dynamic theming, fluid gestures, security protections, and performance optimizations demonstrate the true capabilities of the hardware unchained from its MIUI confines.

This project is just one example of the exciting custom firmware options made possible thanks to Android’s open ecosystem. With developers freely collaborating and innovating, creativity prevails to keep amazing devices like the Poco F4 relevant for years. I can’t wait to cook up more ROMs to unleash further potential in the future.

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