Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max HyperOS Port OS Global Android 13

In the ever-evolving world of smartphones, there’s a constant quest for more: more customization, more control, more features. And if you’re someone who likes to push the boundaries of what your device can do, then the Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max HyperOS Port OS Global Android 13 might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max HyperOS Port OS Global Android 13
Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max HyperOS Port OS Global Android 13

Breaking Down the Changelogs

But what exactly does this custom ROM offer? Let’s delve into the changelogs, curated by the tech enthusiast Dulquer Salmaan on February 6, 2024:

Ported From Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G: This ROM is built upon the foundation of the Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G, ensuring a solid base for further enhancements.

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Based on HyperOs Global THGMIXM A13: With its roots in HyperOS Global, this ROM inherits the stability and features of its predecessor.

Default Kernel is Aghisna X3 (KSU): Aghisna X3 kernel brings optimizations and improvements for smoother performance.

Multi Language ROM: No matter where you are in the world, this ROM has got you covered with its support for multiple languages.

ROM is Fully R/W:

Enjoy complete control over your device with Read/Write access to the ROM.

CTS Fully Passed, Device is Certified: Ensures compatibility and certification, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.

Signature Verification Disabled: Say goodbye to restrictions – install any modded APKs with ease.

Added by Default Core Patch (Install Any Modded APKs) Tutorial: Empowering users with the know-how to make the most out of their device.

Debloated Extra Ximi Shits: Streamlined experience by removing unnecessary bloatware.

Unlocked Enhanced Keyboard (Fixed), Removed Keyboard IME Button Space: Typing experience refined for greater efficiency.

AOSP Package Installer: Enhanced flexibility for installing packages with the AOSP package installer.

New Security Mod by Kashi: Stay protected with the latest security enhancements by Kashi.

Extended Power Menu CN Style: Access more power options with the extended power menu, styled like in China.

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Added Unlimited Gphotos (Switch): Enjoy unlimited Google Photos storage with just a flick of a switch.

Unlock FPS Limitations (Game & YouTube 60Hz): Smooth gaming and video playback with unlocked FPS limitations.

Added Netflix Spoof (Switch), Added Secure Ss (Switch): Enjoy Netflix content without restrictions and enhance security with Secure Ss.

Added Leica 4.9 Camera: Elevate your photography game with the Leica 4.9 camera.

Added Rounded Pop-Up UI: Aesthetic enhancements with rounded pop-up UI elements.

StatusBar Notification Icon Max to 7, Lockscreen Notification Icon Max to 6: More room for notifications with increased icon limits.

New HyperOS Boot Animation Added: Start your device with flair with the new HyperOS boot animation.

AOSP Wallpapers & Style (Monet Picker): Customize your device’s look with AOSP wallpapers and style.

Unlock Mi Player in CC (Media Player): Access the Mi player directly from the control center for quick media playback.

AOD Fully Working (10s and Always): Always-on display functionality with options for 10s and continuous display.

Added Modded HyperOS Launcher by Kashi: Enhance your home screen experience with the modded HyperOS launcher by Kashi.

Added Square Tiles Control Centre Toggle: Customize your control center with the addition of square tiles toggle.

Added iOS Notification Clock, Added iOS Recents Toggle: Bring elements of iOS to your device with iOS-style notification clock and recents toggle.

Added Settings Mi Account on Top: Convenient access to Mi account settings placed on top for easy management.

Modded App Vault Global & CN Server, Modded Theme Manager with Global & CN Server: Unlock additional features and themes with modded app vault and theme manager.

Paid CN Widgets And Super Icons Unlocked by Default: Enjoy premium CN widgets and super icons without any additional purchases.

MiSans and Mi Lan Pro Fonts, Facebook Emojis by Default: Customize your device’s fonts and emojis with MiSans, Mi Lan Pro, and Facebook emojis.

Restart Button Added in Notification Panel & Power Menu Toggle (Restart System UI): Quick access to restart options directly from the notification panel and power menu toggle.

Added Extra Dim, New Haptics UI, New Video Sidebar: Enhanced user experience with additional display dimming options, revamped haptics UI, and a new video sidebar.

Removed Security 10s Timer: Say goodbye to the 10s security timer for a smoother user experience.

After Setup This ROM, Manually Install This CC For Extended Power Menu & Square Tiles Flashing Steps: Complete your setup by manually installing the recommended CC for extended power menu and square tiles.

Credit: @dulquersalmaan22

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Flashing Steps by Dulquer Salmaan • 6 February 2024:

  1. Reboot To Recovery
  2. Flash ROM
  3. Format Data (yes)
  4. Reboot To Recovery
  5. Format Data (yes)
  6. Reboot To System


With a plethora of features and enhancements, the Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max HyperOS Port OS Global Android 13 is a true testament to the power of custom ROMs. Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or someone looking to explore new possibilities with their device, this ROM offers something for everyone. So why wait? Unlock the full potential of your device today with the Redmi Note 10 Pro/Max HyperOS Port OS Global Android 13.

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  1. REDMI NOTE 10 PRO il modello Europa di cui versione MIUI basato su Android 13 non riceverà il Nuovo Sistema Operativo cioè Hyperos.

  2. Ma a dire la verità il REDMI NOTE 10 PRO modello Europa con versione MIUI non ha ricevuto NIENTE di quello descritto nell’articolo. Lo posso dire perchè ho un REDMI NOTE 10 PRO.

    Ho versione MIUI come si vede scritto sopra, con Android 13.

    Come avete ottenuto HYPEROS?


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