Redmi note 11 pro+,poco x4 pro HYPER OS | BASED ON A14

Redmi note 11 pro+/poco x4 pro HYPER OS | BASED ON A14: The Redmi Note 11 Pro+ already outpunches its weight with a snappy Dimensity 920 chip, 120W charging speeds, and a 108MP camera under the hood. But like most Xiaomi devices, MIUI bogs down that impressive hardware. So I’m thrilled to announce the device now has an official HyperOS build to unlock new levels of capability! Read on to understand how this custom ROM lets the Note 11 Pro+ hypercharge its performance.

Understanding HyperOS: Redmi Note 11 pro+/poco x4 pro HYPER OS

HyperOS is an open-source custom Android firmware built on LineageOS and AOSP. It aims to provide a clean, bloat-free interface with fluid performance while letting you customize the phone to your heart’s content.

Some highlights include theming options to reskin the interface, advanced privacy guard tools, built-in root access for power users, button/gesture mapping, smoother gaming, and much more. You can tailor the phone exactly how you want!

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Porting Process: Redmi note 11 pro+/poco x4 pro HYPER OS

Redmi note 11 pro+/poco x4 pro HYPER OS | BASED ON A14
Redmi note 11 pro+/poco x4 pro HYPER OS | BASED ON A14

Getting HyperOS running on the fairly new Note 11 Pro+ took considerable tinkering. Thankfully, Android’s open-source nature allowed me to access device trees and firmware to integrate proprietary code for hardware compatibility.

After many long days configuring and testing builds, I finally reached a stable bootsplash! But early versions were filled with crashes and bugs. Aligning permissions and patching components piece-by-piece ultimately delivered a fast, fully-functional HyperOS build ready for primetime.

Key Optimizations

Achieving buttery smoothness and 10+ hour battery life required custom tuning HyperOS to the Note 11 Pro+’s Dimensity 920 platform:

• F2FS file system – enables faster app launches
• CPU cores renamed – for intuitive monitoring
• Color calibration – tuned display for accuracy
• PWM adjusted – eliminates screen flickering
• Charging algorithms – optimized for cooler, safer 120W charging

Thanks to exposing Camera2API plus Dirac enhancements, HyperOS also unlocks imaging and audio capabilities surpassing MIUI’s limitations.

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Unleashing Potential

After all the tough troubleshooting, I’m thrilled to release HyperOS for the Redmi Note 11 Pro+! Flashing this ROM finally gives the phone runway to strut its stuff.

Everything instantly reacts at your fingertips thanks to system-wide optimizations. Gaming and multitasking shine with barely any throttling or slowdowns. With fine-grained privacy guarding, immersive themes, and customizations that rewrite what your buttons do, HyperOS transforms the device into a productivity powerhouse tailored exactly how you want.

Redmi note 11 pro+/poco x4 pro HYPER OS

By @i_mehul_parmar

Go Hyper with Redmi’s Latest

If you want to push your Note 11 Pro+ to its highest heights, ditch MIUI and unlock the phone’s full potential with HyperOS! Please let me know what other Xiaomi devices you want to see gain Hyper magic next. And stay tuned here as I keep builds updated alongside official releases. It’s time to make your Redmi hypercharge ahead!

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